the poet and romantic of the Vyatka land
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G.I.Logunov's biography
Gennady Ivanovich Logunov was born on 9th July, 1938 in Sverdlovsk Region in a family of workers. Father and mother worked at a steel mill. In the end of 1940, the family moved to the Golovany village of the Kirov Region, the homeland of their ancestors. The time was difficult, so they had to experience both hunger and cold, and there was nothing to go to school.

At first, Gennady graduated the Osh seven-year school, and then the Suna Secondary School. In 1974 the Logunov family moved to the Suna district to Smyki. As soon as they moved, Gennady Ivanovich worked as a school director, then 2 years as a party organizer of the collective farm "The Victory" , and then as a teacher of history and literature. Gennady Ivanovich had been working as a teacher for 32 years.
G.I.Logunov is the poet
Writing poetry is not pampering, but a whole science...
Gennady Ivanovich is an active participant and organizer of sports competitions, amateur concerts, a village teacher and an amateur poet. His name is known to readers of such newspapers as "The Native Land", "The Vyatsky Krai", "The Kirovskaya Pravda", "The Rural Life", «The Old Guard". He has published 2 books.

Sometimes our author "on the run" put together verses, read to friends, and this verse had already passed each other. Right to the address.

All the creation of G. I. Logunov is closely connected with his native land, his beloved homeland. During 25 years, his works had been published on the pages of the district newspaper. Mostly these poems are about youth, about nature, about life, love and the Motherland. Our region is rich with forests, mushrooms and berries. And, of course, Gennady Ivanovich could not bypass in his works the themes of the Suna, or rather Smyki’s mushroom - Saffron milk cap. Saffron milk cap is the value for people of Suna area.
G.I.Logunov's ditties
His ditties are flying around the country...
Gennady Ivanovich is an enthusiastic person, an active participant of amateur art. Probably, many viewers of the district House of Culture have remembered him for his performances as part of the quartet “Disaster".

Logunov G. I. likes to compose ditties. Many people know his ditties by heart. They are the breath of time and folk wisdom.

Of course, G. I. Logunov could not ignore such a topic as humor. He himself is a cheerful person, knows how to cheer up the interlocutor.
Mel'nikova Elizaveta and Koryakina Varvara, 7a
Suna, 2021
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